News Item
News Item

🔖 Purpose of the text 

To inform readers, steners or viewers about event of the day.

🔖 Generic Structure

➥Newsworthy events : recounts the event in summary form

➥Background events : elaborate what happend, to whom, and in what circumstances.
=== menyeritakan apa yang terjadi, kepada siapa terjadi

➥Sources : are comments by participants in, witnesses to, and authorities expert on the event.
=== komentar oleh para pelaku, saksi mata, pejabat yang bersangkutan, dan para ahli pada kejadian.

🔖 Language Features of News Item

➥The use past tense
e.g. : Alyssa Diva Mustika won the gold medal at the International Matematics Contest held in Romania.

➥The use of action verbs
e.g. : go, walk, run, drive, ride, kill.

➥The use of saying verbs
tell, reply, say, answer

➥The use of passive sentences
=== The three victims were found by SAR team in Banda Aceh.
=== The whole village was swept away by tsunami last year.

➥The use of direct and indirect speech
=== The victims were taken to hospital

➥The use of adverbs of manner
=== happily, fast, hard, slowly.

➥The use of adverbs of time and place
=== one day, yesterday, after the lesson, in the classrom, at school.

➥Adjectives to form noun phrases
=== a beautiful, sunny day, a large green field, asoft, white sandy beach.

➥Conjunctions to link sentences
=== and, but, so, because, for, or.

➥The use of time connectives
=== after that, meanwhile, then, finally, next, the next morning.

=== he, she, they, them. his, it.

🔖 The tenses in hedlines

➥The past participle is used for passive sentences.
➟Agreement is signed today
➟Agreement Signed today

➥The invinitive is used for feature events.
➟The president will open the ASEAN summit.
➟President to Open ASEAN Summit.

➥The present participle is used for happening events.
➟English teachers are having a TEFLIN seminar
➟English Teachers Having TEFLIN Seminar

➥To be and pronouns omitted in headlines
➟People are free to choose their leader People Free to Choose Leader.